Our team of international award-winning film, documentary, television and media production professionals
create ultra-stable, cinematic footage at up to 6K resolution.

We can provide full in-house editing services & cur CAA licensed operators can fly up to 400ft.

  • About Us
    Fun, Young & Creative

    We are Aerial Republic

    Aerial Republic has grown to become one of the UK’s leading specialists in aerial videography for broadcast, film, television and commercial filming.

    Being on the leading edge of aerial filming using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, both in terms of the very latest equipment and our expert videography techniques, we’re able to offer superb broadcast quality footage suitable for commercials, documentaries, episodic television and leading edge marketing.

    With full UK Civil Aviation Authority approval, ensuring the highest safety and operating standards, we’ve worked on some of the UK’s biggest productions for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 as well as cable and satellite stations including Sky News, National Geographic, QVC and Dave.

    Based throughout the UK and the Middle East we provide quality footage shot day and night, both indoors and outdoors and all across the globe – often in the most challenging of environments.

    No matter what your requirements our award winning film production team has the experience to work with you to get the footage you need.


  • What we do
    Our Expertise

    What We Do

    We provide our clients with ultra stable cinematic footage that gives their viewers an emotionally compelling higher perspective that evokes imagination.

    Film, television shows, commercials, indies, documentaries, music videos and more… in over 26 countries spanning 3 continents for clients including National Geographic.

    With full UK Civil Aviation Authority approval, ensuring the highest safety and operating standards, we’ve worked on some of the UK’s biggest productions for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 as well as cable and satellite stations including Sky News, QVC and Dave.

    Whatever the story calls for.

  • Our Equipment
    Boys With Toys

    Our Equipment

    Whatever your story calls for we can use a wide range of drones, cameras, lenses, steadicams and handheld brushless gambles in order to achieve ultra-stable cinematic footage.

    Aerial Republic crafts the video content we produce very carefully to offer our clients stunning footage, up-to 6k, and we achieve this by using the latest and most suitable equipment and technology for your assignment.

    Whether it’s filming indoors, producing epic reveals, establishing, tracking or orbiting subjects we have the high-end stabalised rigs combined with expert understanding of how to produce just the right shot.


We're the boys with the latest toys for every kind of shoot you can imagine
Our expertise as well as our cameras, lenses and drones are for hire.

Heavy Lift Drone

Heavy Lift Drone
8K Cinematography


Designed to carry many of the cameras used on sets worldwide


Arm & vest to versatile hand-held brushless gimbals


We do not believe that any one style, piece of equipment, workflow, or technical approach is an adequate “one-serves-all “ solution when it comes to the art and craft of Aerial Videography.

We believe in helping our clients get their message across in the best ways we can imagine. This means doing whatever the story calls for, with whatever technology it needs.


Fully CAA licensed, insured
and adhering to all industry standards

Sub 7Kg & Sub 20kg

Radio Telephony
RT Licensed Operators

shoots are our specialty

Multi-Crew Available
Operator + Assistant + Camera

CAA Licenced Operators

Fully Insured
Public Liability £5M

We use a range of platforms ranging from sub 7kg up to 20kg. Whatever the story calls for!

The Benefits of Aerial Photography

Give your viewers a unique view of Yorkshire or Leeds, get some great shots at a wedding, or keep pace behind a group of running horses. Get aerial assistance with surveys and census of certain areas and provide images of farmland or courtyards from a view normally captured by a helicopter. Get up close and personal with nature in the air and high in trees, and give your viewers a bird’s eye view of clock towers or large statues while their feet stay firmly on the ground.

• Cinematography
• Nature Viewing
• Surveys & Land Inspection
• Wedding Photography

Contact us today to find out how we can help your video project soar to new heights.


Aerial Republics operators hold the UK Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL) as approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency.  Our operators truly understand implications of operating in air space.

Stunning Aerial Video
and Photography by Drone

Take your videos and photos from new heights with an Aerial Republic drone for hire. Our drones can fly up to 400ft. and take high definition photographs and video to give your filmmaking an edge. Capture the attention of your viewers when you soar past the London Eye and over the River Thames with the ease and grace of a bird.


We have filmed on every continent and specialize in international shoots. We understand all of the challenges that you can face when working internationally with local production companies on the ground.


We offer many personnel packages, including:

  • Single operator
  • Operator + Gimbal operator
  • Observers/Assistants

Our operators have been granted the UK Civil Aviation Authority Permissions to carry out aerial work.


Aerial Republic is fully insured with a public liability of 5M



Televised Hours


International Locations




TV Networks


Click on each of the tabs to explore the wide range of services we are able to offer our clients.

Our packages come complete with Aircraft, batteries, cameras,monitors, memory cards and all of our rigs are built with a dedicated second camera operating station.

We are very much at home working on broadcast television productions, having featured on Networks such as MTV, BBC, National Geographic, FOX movies and Dave. We provide Aerial Videography services for TVC’s, episodic television, documentaries and corporate videos.

We provide a number of photography options for various applications from hi resolution imagery to Aerial panoramic virtual tours. We also provide ground photography for many productions using a range of Nikon lenses up to 400mm.

Comprehensive surveying of: Buildings, sites, roofs, waterways, agriculture, forestry & historical sites.

Latest market software and Geographic Information System technology to produce centimeter accurate 3D Digital Surface Modeling.

We provide Architects, civil engineers and developers with aerial videography & imagery to better understand their sites and monitor progress.

We have specialist drones with ground breaking sonar wave technology which allows us to fly indoors at low altitudes. In addition we can use a range of brushless gimbals to create perfectly smooth, cinematic footage. These particular rigs carry full DSLR camera systems which are especially great in low light.

We are always filming Check out our gallery of Stock footage that is forever being updated with amazing Aerial.

Gain visual access to the most difficult and tall structures quickly and cost effectively.

Our Portfolio Says It All

We've filmed internationally for leading production companies
as well as for property, construction & corporate clients.
We have over 120 hours of aired broadcast television.

  •  Geordie Shore - MTV
  •  Tim Shaw's Engineering Adventure - National Geographic
  •  The Indestructibles - Dave
  •  Top Gear – BBC
  •  Richard Jackson Garden & Leisure - QVC
  •  Cycleplan
  •  Cycleplan - The Making Of...
  •  Sykes Cottages - Isles of Inspiration
  •  Bake Off - BBC

Higher Perspective

"When you change the way you look at things... the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

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