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Aerial Filming, Video & Photography

We supply a great range of equipment, cameras, lenses and drones to projects and productions around the UK.

With such a large selection of equipment, from heavy lift drones capable of 8K cinematography, through to high end Steadicam camera stabilisation rigs, we are stocked for just about any shoot imaginable.

Our heavy lift drone

With the ability to carry a 8K RED Epic camera, our heavy lift drone is able to shoot high end aerial photography and filming.

Offering the camera man the ability to adjust shutter speed, ISO, f-stop, frame rate, and more while in flight, our drone hire service has provided footage for a range of productions and projects.


Our stabilisation kits enable filmmakers to film while on the move, creating smooth and effective shots in up to 8K.

Including our cross-platform gimbal, we offer a range of stabilisation kits to fit just about any professional camera.


Our Steadicams allow the filming of some of the most breath-taking and dynamic filmmaking in the UK.

Including large scale television production companies and feature film productions, our equipment has been used in some of the most dynamic shoots on television.

Aerial videography

We have worked with some of the largest broadcast television companies and networks across the world, including MTV, BBC, National Geographic, and FOXmovies.

Providing aerial filming and drone photography for some of the largest shows on television, our showreel covers a plethora of genres including documentary films, episodic television, and corporate videos.

Aerial photography

Our services also includes drone photography, or, aerial still photography, and offer a variety of options including hi resolution imagery to panoramic virtual tours.

What’s more, we also provide ground photography for a variety of projects and productions using Nikon lenses up to 400mm.

Aerial Surveys

Drone and aerial photography provides a great many advantages for aerial surveys.

Our state of the art technology has allowed land and building surveyors across the country to complete a multitude of projects that would have been otherwise hindered with ground technology.

Indoor shoots

Our specialist drones are equipped with sonar wave technology, which means that we are able to conduct high quality indoor shoots.

Equipment hire

We also offer for hire stabilisation equipment, steadicams, and a range of drones to production companies across the UK.

This includes our specialist heavy lift drones, that are able to carry a variety of different cameras, from DSLRs to the epic ARRI Alexa Mini camera.

Aside from drones, we also offer cross-platform stabilisation kits that are accurate to the centimetre; enough to meet the demands of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster.

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