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Our Equipment

Here at Aerial Republic, we’re proud of the state of the art equipment that serves our clients throughout a great variety of shoots and projects.

Heavy lift drone

Our heavy lift drone is a completely integrated heavy lifter system for filmmakers, allowing us to use a variety of different cameras from smaller DSLRs like the Panasonic GH4 or the Sony A7sII, all the way through to a RED Epic or ARRI Alexa Mini camera enabling, us to meet the demands of the high-end film and broadcast television industry.

Able to carry any camera up to 6kg across multiple applications, from handheld to vehicle mount to aerial, our integrated heavy lifter system offers full control of shutter speed, ISO, f-stop, frame rate and more, either in-flight or remotely.

Our gimbal supports 360 degree continuous movement meaning it no longer has to be re-centered for shots. This gimbal now also supports 135 degree tilting beyond its vertical axis for even more creative shots.

This platform also offers SDI-out television broadcast output which can deliver real-time broadcast quality live streaming at 720p at up to 60FPS and 1080i at up to 50FPS.

Cross-platform stabilisation

Our cross-form gimbal utilises a piece of equipment that enables the camera to work whilst moving from multiple platforms. We can use a range of cameras including an Alexa Mini through to an 8k RED Weapon and deploy the camera and gimbal setup so that in one moment the camera is in the air on the aerial platform. With industrial standard connectors like peek-outs you can add any follow-focus or transmitter to the drone setup or the camera setup as it moves across platforms.

As we only need one gimbal for everything, from handheld steadicam to vehicle mount to aerial filming, it saves us a lot of time in terms of configuring different gambles for different types of shot and means we can move from one platform to another seamlessly.


With today's latest in image stabilization technology our drones aren't the only platform to benefit from top of the line 360 degree gyroscopic image stabilization. We now also employ vehicle mounts and steadicam rigs to enable highly impressive cinematic long shots that were previously next to impossible to shoot.

Large scale TV production companies from terrestrial to cable and feature film producers appreciate the flexibility afforded by our steadicam rigs because they are ideal for fast paced turnaround productions offering reduced setup time and cost. We can film with a wide range of cameras suitable for broadcast and cinematic productions including the Alexa Mini and the 8k RED Weapon suitable for IMAX.

We're adept at filming in the air, on land, and at sea. No matter how you're traveling in motion, our team will be right alongside you. From inside or outside vehicles, to tailing you on roller blades, skateboards and even snowboards, our team have both the cinematographic skills and the extreme sports skills to be right up in your face with shots you'd never have imagined were possible.

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